A Week in Disney...

on Saturday, November 8, 2008

I just got back from the Newark International Airport after vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida. It was great to have some time away from the busy-ness of life. This was my first ever trip to "the happiest place on Earth." It was amazing for me to hear the stories of Walt Disney and his dream of a kind of place where families could escape the pressures of this world and step into a different kind of world where the worries of life don't matter as much as the fun that awaits them.

It really had me thinking alot about when Jesus would talk about about this Kingdom that was like nothing in this world. Throughout the gospel accounts, Jesus refers to the "Kingdom of God" or the "Kingdom of Heaven". Next week, we will be starting a new sermon series at The Well called "Thy Kingdom Come". Each week, we will be walking through the Lord's Prayer line by line and find out how we can not only pray those words, but how we can also lives in a way that would help advance the kingdom of God though our lives. Our goal is that our "creed" (the things we profess) matches our "deed" (the way we live). Keep an eye out in future blog posts for more info.

Here are some pics from my time in the Magic Kingdom: