Weekend Wrapup: Life in the Kingdom

on Monday, November 10, 2008

We spent this week at The Well to get geared up for our brand new sermon series starting on November 16th. The title of the series is "Thy Kingdom Come". Until the end of 2008, we will be taking a deeper look at the Lord's Prayer and our goal is that God would show us not only how to pray, but more importantly how to live as we follow Christ with our lives.

This week we talked about "Life in the Kingdom". Throughout the gospel accounts, we see Jesus teaching and talking about the "Kingdom of God". There were some times that Jesus talked about those who would or would not "inherit" the Kingdom of God. At the end of his time on Earth, Christ carried a cross up a hill to die on it so those who believe in Him could step into that kingdom. As Christians, we live here on earth, but we also live in the Kingdom of God. Paul says that our ultimate home is in heaven. C.S. Lewis once said "I find in myself desires which nothing in this earth can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.

Even though we are citizens of a kingdom that will never end, often times, we put more hope, focus and effort the kingdom of this world than in the kingdom of Heaven. Our goal this week was to explore life in the Kingdom of God. We ended the night by looking at which kingdom we are living for. Are we more worried about the this kingdom that will one day fade away than about the kingdom that is eternal? Do we find ourselves making choices that go against the kingdom of God because we give in to the pressures of this world.

As we step into our new sermon series "Thy Kingdom Come" we are going to take steps towards living the Lord's Prayer. As we live as true citizens of the Kingdom of God, we are taking part in advancing the kingdom that Jesus died to bring the world into. We look forward to the journey!