Sermon Series: The Games of Life

on Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wow! I have taken quite a break from blogging. A lot has been going on since the new year has started. We started a new sermon series in January called "The Games of Life". Each week we have been walking through a different game and seeing the connections between these games and our lives and then going on to explore the connections between our lives and God.

It has been an incredible journey!

Here is the list of games that we have gone through.

Week 1: The Game of Life
Week 2: Perfection
Week 3: Monopoly
Week 4: Jenga
Week 5: Twister
Week 6: Don't Break the Ice
Week 7: Don't Wake Daddy
Week 8: Operation
Week 9: Trivial Pursuit
Week 10: Battleship
Week 11: Guess Who
Week 12: Clue
Week 13: Hungry Hungry Hippos
Week 14: Chutes and Ladders
Week 15: ??? You will have to be there to see!

If you would like to listen in to some of the sermons, check out our podcast at